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Our request
We got interested in analysis of a tree by having begun the handling of PICUS. Moreover, In this field we can not found tree measurement equipment that were based on the new technology. Today, we research and study about the equipments which relevant to test the trees. Every watcher who watches this page must be the expert of trees and you always expose to trees with several reasons. Therefore we need your some supports to send us just your opinions or request. For Instance, these things are not so good or we want to measure these things. Thus, If you have like above opinions or request please tell us. Furthermore, your opinions or request will be the significant Information and it will improve our study and research and finally we can create better new product as our answer to your opinions or request. If you interest in this field or our study please send e-mail to us. Click here katayama@environment.co.jp Occasionally we may take long time to answer about this but we are sure that we will answer anyway.

About the system of The PICUS
Environmental Measurement Japan, CO., LTD
. started to sell the PICUS since 2004 July in Japan. PICUS is quite different from other measurement equipment because it can give us more effective result. Henceforth, we will add the news here, which has more Information about PICUS.

Basic Technologyof The PICUS (Brief manual for the PICUS that translated in Japanese.)
The basic technology and principle about PICUS is here. If you look carefully it was based on the simple principle because it simply use velosity of the sound wave in the trunk. You can think that It only use many Impuls hammer on It but It is different that we can only confirm from the numbers or picture. Picas helps us by showing tomograms so It gives us Impact and easier to understanding. The ARGUS Is venture company in German University.
If you need english manual, Go to the ARGUS web site here. http://www.argus-electronic.de/English/index_eng.html

PICUS Know How Updated 21/Dec/2004
Here is the special informastion about PICUS. In Japan it is not popular but all over the world about more than 70 have sold. However, there are difference between Japan and foreign market and types of trees so in the world they usually measure bigger trees. Moreover, this will be the reference for the user who want to measure as professional or user of other sound wave equipment. However, In this page it is too strain and practical so we do not suggest to imitate. In fact it insert about the confirmation of success but you should read as just only as a informastion because human do not have basic knowledge or technique will break the PICUS. We informed about Pulse Stabilizer RU-05 which only for the PICUS and Example of the test measurement about the tree 13.6meter circumference(This is the biggest measurement in Japan.).

Link to the AGRUS
We prepared the japanese catalogue, which tell the usage of PICUS. If you wish to know specification and price please click bottom. You can print size of A4.
PICUS catalogue Japanese(pdf)

More Information
Tel +81-92-920-1067
PICUS technique and measurement.
Dr. Hiroyuki Katayama
Contact Form

Tree diagnostic service using PICUS

The Earth Green Nagata Inc.
Tree doctor Mrs. Mizuho Okayama
1467-21 ookura-azakita Tamana sity kumamoto Japan Post code 865-0023
Tel :+81-968-73-7810
Fax :+81+968-73-7805

The tomogram inside tree trunk view diagnostic service was started in September 1, 2004. This service is the firstest enterprise in Japan. If you call us , we will go to official trip not only Japan but overseas. Please remember the new diagnostic service for which it does not depend on wooden hammer percussion by all means. You can contact us in English to Dr. H. Katayama. PLS don't forget to attach the tree data that enough to make a plan to diagnose.The parameters are tree name, height, length of the trunk and quantity. TO SAVE THE OLD TREES IS OUR WISH.
The Earth Green Nagata Inc. We strongly recomend this company. they use many kind of the tools not only PICUS but also registgraph and so on. Moreover, their work is so careful. This company started diagnosis service using PICUS at first in Japan. Their catalogue is as follows.

Tree diagnosis service(pdf)  Report of the tree diagnosis(pdf)

Relevant link to the PICUS users
In Japan there are only 3 PICUS including one for the demonstration. So this link include many foreign countries. Most of the PICUS user are tree consultant in the foreign countries. We thought that the Resistgraph user are starting to use PICUS.

The Earth Green Nagata Inc. They started the tree diagnosis service by using PICUS in Japan fastest.
PICUS Baumdiagnosesysteme We can not understand because of Germany used. However, there is the example of measurement of big trees.
Tree-Test.Com Tree consultant and measure trees by using PICUS in Scotland.
Banyards Ltd The landscape expert uses the PICUS in England.
MR. Jerry Dicker The expert of the PICUS in England.
RGS TREE SERVICE Same as above but they have the Resistgraph. England
Terratech Inc. The partner of our company. Distributor of Tree Inspection and Forestry Survey Instruments.
Exclusive Sole Agent of PICUS Sonic Tomograph in Far East Asia.
Touhou leo They use no PICUS but they use Gamma ray system to view inside of the tree. Completely no damage to tree. Moreover, they sell the Resistgraph and Impulse hammer.
ENSPEC Australian consultant. They measure the tree of coordinate position by using high accuracy GPS. They also use PICUS and have total 28 sensors.
Gifford Tree Service England consultant, which acquires the ISO.
Stephens Assosiates England consultant and they use Digital Micro Probe.
Dr. Gustke GmbH They are known as a company developed the PICUS with ARUGUS. The name of company Is used Germany so we used proper noun.

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